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Changing Seasons, Wife Work, and New Discoveries

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Smells like autumn 🍂 #


September is over, and that means that autumn is just about in full swing. The days are cool and the nights cooler, and the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn yellow, orange, or red. It’s a beautiful time of year and, like so many beautiful things, fleeting.

It’s also around this time of year that I tend to want to be out in nature more than usual. But, due to later mornings and earlier nights, finding the time to get out while working full-time is difficult. This year I’ve made it a goal to get out of the house and around some trees with a camera at least once or twice a week, but so far that’s been easier said than done.

Hopefully I can start to make that happen and share some of that beauty here.

Ready, set, shoot 🎥 #

Jess got a last-minute set styling gig that is scheduled for… Well, today, actually. All I really know about this shoot is that there are 60’s middle-school vibes and lots of science and there are some hand-painted foam planets drying on our dining table. These are always interesting times, but this shoot being so last-minute means that things are a bit more frantic than usual. This week she drove something like six hours to purchase and pick up old school desks!

She’s doing an amazing job.

I’m a skater kid 🛹 #

That’s sort of true in the sense that I tried to skateboard as a teenager, but BMX was really more my thing. In fact, I tried to pick up BMX again as a 30 year old. Personally, I feel like I did OK, apart from fracturing my ankle within a few days of getting a bike.

That was last year. This year I decided it would be good to sprain both wrists and fracture a rib.

I’ve decided I’m not cut out for BMX anymore and am selling the bike. But I’ve discovered something else fun!

Jess and I went to a roller-skating party recently and it was a blast (from the past?)! 🛼 It was my first time using roller-skates, instead of roller-blades, and I didn’t know what I was missing. Roller-blades are fun, but roller-skates are an art form!

Am I going to go roller-skating regularly, now? Probably not. But I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been wanting to go back since then.

Close #

Anyhow, I just got back from a nice hike and have a couple hundred photos to process, so I’m gonna peace out. ✌️