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Photos - This Round's In The House

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For whatever reason, be it lack of motivation, bad weather, business, or whatever, I just haven’t gotten out to take many photos this year. At the same time, I’ve grown tired of the ritual of posting on Instagram. It’s tedious, not very rewarding, and I don’t feel great about giving my photos to a company like Facebook (or Meta or whatever) anymore. So, moving forward, I will likely be occasionally posting photo blogs here.

Apologies if you came for development content.

With all that in mind, here is a series of photos that I’ve taken around the house over the past few months.

a close-up of white and purple flowers

a close-up of purple orchids

a close up of sunflowers and other orange and yellow flowers

light shining through window shade onto table and chair

a woman with shaved hair touching noses with a black cat

light reflecting on a table and chair in a dark room

a fluffy dog laying down and looking cute

light playing on a fuzzy green plant in dim light

Light shining through raindrops on a window

light shining through window shade onto table and chair