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Exploring the Skywalk

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I’ve lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan for over eight years, and only yesterday did I start exploring the downtown Skywalk. I only got through about half of it, so I’ll need to go back and do some more exploring, but I did take a few photos I took while looking around.

One aspect of going through the Skywalk in the evening that I really liked was the liminal, almost creepy vibe you get in some parts. The fluorescent lighting and long corridors lend themselves well to the aesthetic.

All photos taken with the Fuji X-T1 and Ttartisan 27mm f/2.8.

Two people walking down a fluorescent-lit hallway lined with windows and a tile floor.

A downtown city scene with brick building and smoke stacks.

A concrete skywalk bridge between two buildings

a fluorescent-lit corridor lined with windows in the evening.

A city scene through a round window.

A wide stairway with railings and spooky lighting.

An overlook of a city street with a commuter bus and cars.

A dimly, spookily lit scene of the bottom of a stairway with tile walls.

An overlook of a pub window with Christmas decorations.

Pipes and a fluorescent light intermingled against the ceiling, casting shadows.