May 7, 2018

Spring Is Here

Also, Taking and Sharing Photos, and Setting New Goals

Spring is finally here. It took a hot second—2018 is turning out to be a bit of a trickster. But hey, I’m so happy that it’s starting to warm up, and the sun is shining. Rain will be wecome, too, to get things growing again.

close-up of tree branches with leaf buds on them

A time of renewal and growth, Spring is a great time to set new goals. I’m not one to make new years resolutions, because I know I wouldn’t keep them. I prefer to set learning and growth goals, instead, with little to no “end-goal” in mind, like my goal to learn some code every day for a while last year. I find that setting goals around something simple like doing something little each day or even week is not only easier to keep than a year long commitment, but is actually much more effective for learning something or changing behavior. It simply allows you to see your progress. Seeing my progress makes me more motivated to keep going, but also let’s me know that if I drop off after a few months because of burn-out or time, then I am still better at that thing than I was before, without feeling guilty about not finishing something or doing something I “wasn’t supposed to.”

Anyways, I’ve gotten the opportunity to set a few new goals for myself. Tasked with setting a couple of professional goals, as well as a couple of personal goals for myself, one goal was very easy for me to decide on: take a photo every day, and share my photos more often and in new ways. This might sound terribly easy, but I think you’d be surprised.

I’ve added a couple of “rules” to challenge myself. With smartphones, taking a photo and throwing it on Instagram is a matter of seconds—mindless, really. I will be limiting myself to photos taken without my phone. It’s not always going to be a requirement, but that’s the goal. So, if you see me lugging around my SLR, now you know why. Then there’s the sharing bit. I’ve got some ideas regarding this. Throwing a few shots on Instagram now and then has become an easy habit, and that’s fine, but I would love to explore more creative and personal ways to share.

Long story short, you may be seeing some photoblogs on here (hopefully quite a few).

I’ll also actually be printing photos and sharing them that way as well, something that I’m sure family members will be happy about.

Canon ae-1 program in a hand

So, why is this a goal of mine, anyways? Well, I have always loved photography. I can get pretty deep into the topic, and maybe some day I will, but for now, let’s just say I really like it. That said, I haven’t really taken or shared many photos since graduating from college. This has meant a couple of things. First, it’s interest has been waning from me, and I don’t want that. And second, I’m out of practice. The rare times I do get out and shoot, I can really tell that my eye, my hands, are out of practice. I really don’t want to see something I love so much fade away like that, and it really is use it or lose it sometimes.

Do you have any goals? What are you doing to make them happen? Is it enough for you to see the progress your’e making towards your goal, or do you need to see something concrete at the end?

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