December 4, 2018

Photo Blog /3

More Film on the Way

But for now, here are some photos I’ve taken recently. The first few photos are from my old(?) Canon T1i with a nifty-fifty (50mm f1.8). Below those you’ll see some photos from my new (old) camera, the Sony a6000. More on that another time, maybe.

Anyways, here are some images from Cascade Peace Park taken on the Canon T1i.

A photo of a tree with yellow leaves in a snowy forest

Another photo of a tree with yellow leaves in a snowy forest

The forest is actually quite lovely in the winter. It’s so peaceful and quiet. A great setting for a hike. This year we were lucky enough to get a decent snow before the fall colors left.

some red berry looking things

some more red plantlife in Michigan

a woman holding a bough of red berries in front of her face and smiling

mushrooms growing on a tree

I recently picked up a Sony a6000 during a holiday sale. These were shot with the Sony 16mm f2.8. It’s a nice little lens, but the optical quality isn’t what I’m used coming from the Canon nifty-fifty. Also, turns out the winter is just as good a time as any to visit the beach.

These were taken at Tunnel Park beach in Holland.

a wooden stairway leading down to a beach

woman in a coat smiling with a beach in the background

a beach scene with a woman walking along the sand and snow on the ground

the waves and beach with a large tree branch sticking out of the sand

a woman leans against the wall of a tunnel looking out at a beach

a woman in a blue coat sitting on a park bench and smiling

an arm reaching out and touching a yellow leaf

looking down a tunnel with a person's silhouette at the end

Can’t wait to get out and shoot again! Winter has offered some great atmosphere this year, and I only hope it continues.

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