June 12, 2018

Photo Blog /2

Loving this film thing…

The more I shoot with my film cameras, the more fun I’m having, and the more I appreciate the medium. As I get more comfortable using film, hopefully I’ll have more photos to share, and more variety as well.

All photos were taken with my Canon AE-1 (or AE-1 Program) with on Kodak Ultramax 400.


a bedroom scene with busy wallpaper and an old painting

a tree stump with mushrooms around it

a public pool surrounded by trees

a sunset with children playing

woman cutting up veggies

purple flowers in a forest

white flowers with a block wall in the background

a view of tall trees from below


woman standing with dog in front of three garage doors

the side of an old building with pillars looking up

a dimly lit hallway

nice boque of flowers

old film camera with flowers in the background

woman with round glasses and earings

dust pan with dutch drawings on it

bear claw on a plate with a fork

woman gardening

front door with yellow wreathe and old style light

woman smiling

beautiful hydrangeas Photo Credit: Jess Colvin

a plain wall with American flag at top

That’s it for now! Come back soon, and I’ll hopefully have more to share.

© Chris Colvin 2019