May 19, 2018

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It’s Been a Minute.

If you’ve read my post about setting new goals this spring, you might remember that one of my goals was to shoot more photos, and share those photos in ways I haven’t done before. One of the ways I thought of to share more photos is to create photo blog posts here on my personal blog. Basically, after I get a roll of film developed, or go on a little trip somewhere, or just go for a photo walk, I’ll post my findings here.

“It’s been a minute since I shot film, and I think I may have done it wrong. Out of four rolls, only one turned out…

You’ll find that this one, my very first one, is going to be a little sparse and the quality isn’t great. It’s been a minute since I shot film, and I think I may have done it wrong. Out of four rolls, only one turned out, and not even all the shots ended up working out. This may have a bit to do with getting them developed at the local Walgreens (won’t be doing that again), but chances are I also did something wrong with many of them. Today’s shots are all film, and most will be, but you can expect to see some higher quality shots from my DSLR at times as well.

If you follow me on Instagram, sorry for the repeats!

Anyways, here goes. Enjoy!

South Manitou Island

my wife and I in the woods at South Manitou Island

About a year ago, we went to South Manitou Island with a couple friends. It was one of our first camping experiences that wasn’t “parking-lot camping.” It was a good time, but I only got a few shots that turned out.

another picture of my wife, Jess

Scott and Em

Scott and Em have become two of our best friends here in Grand Rapids. It was a great trip with them, and we’ll be planning on more trips with them in the future-including ones this summer!

Scott, Em, and Jess

a couple of backpacking packs

a small frog next to a tree

Just some random shots around the house (you’ll see a lot of these).

succulents in Jess' bathroom

succulents in Jess' bathroom 2

a well-lit desk with pens and paper

woman on a couch smiling

Obligatory Luna pics

Luna standing in the next room

Luna lying on the floor at the top of the stairs

Luna looking up at the camera

That’s it for now! Hopefully I will have more and higher quality photos in the future. My goal is to use these to get me outside with a camera more often, looking for opportunities to share photos. Feel free to let me know what you think!

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