April 7, 2018

The Fountain Pen Experiment /3

On Paper

Lately at work I’ve been running into a bit of a predicament. You see, being a picket pen, I bring my Kaweco Sport with me every day. I’ve grown quite font of that little pen, and have started bringing it with me almost everywhere, along with my tiny little bullet journal. However, at work, I use these branded notepads to take notes on.

At first, I thought that the Kaweco was the issue. Indeed, my Sport has a bit of the infamous “babies-bottom,” but it seemed worse than that. So the paper must be to blame. I’ve known that fountain pens can be a bit picky about paper, but I did not know to what degree. Well, with these, it’s bad enough that I can not consistently take notes without having to deal with a fairly poor writing experience.

This leads me to my first real gripe with using a fountain pen as a daily driver. Having decent paper at home to write on is one thing, but having to bring my own paper to work for notes is another.

But you know what? I probably will, because I’m enjoying using my fountain pen just that much.

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