April 12, 2018

The Fisher Space Pen

the Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen is an interesting little pen. Smaller than my Kaweco Sport, it could literally fit anywhere. Which makes sense for an everyday carry inspired pen. After a recent rip to Seattle, I wanted a nice pen that was easy to travel with, and decided to pick one of these up. I thought I would share my thoughts for anyone else that might be thinking about picking on of these up as well.

First off, this pen is tiny. If you don’t want a clip on yours, make sure you’ve got something to carry it in. It would be very easy to lose, and being completely round, is quite prone to rolling off of tables and desks. To give you an idea of just how small it is, here it is next to my Kaweco Sport Classic.

the Fisher Space Pen compared to Kaweco Sport Classic

Don’t let its size fool you, though. When posted, it’s actually longer than my TWSBI ECO (not posted). This makes it very usable. It also feel quite nice to hold. Its all-metal body is sturdy and weighty. Though, if you prefer thicker pens, this one won’t feel so good.

the Fisher Space Pen compared to TWSBI ECO

Apart from being tiny, this pen packs a couple other tricks to make it an ideal EDC pen. The build quality is superb, and the all-metal body mean that this pen can take a serious beating. This is a pen I would not be worried about carrying, or dropping, in the city or on a hike.

the Fisher Space Pen posted

The other big trick it’s put up its sleeve is with the ink refill. These come with a metal, pressurized cartridge that can write upside-down or even underwater. If you like to hike and write or sketch in the rain, then this is the perfect solution.

The standard ink fills are expensive, though, and I found that I really didn’t like how they wrote. it was a less-than-desirable goopy, scratchy experience. And personally, I don’t see myself with a need to write underwater. I actually swapped out their fill for a Zebra gel ink refill and it writes much nicer now.

the Fisher Space Pen with a Zebra gel ink refill

I’ve actually rarely used this pen, though. It’s not as nice to write with as my fountain pens, and I work in an office. I don’t need something bullet-proof. I’m going to keep this little tank around for traveling (or writing on finicky paper), but for those of you in a similar situation, I’d say go ahead and put that money into a better writing experience. My TWSBI ECO is lovely to write with and is very very good for the price.

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